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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
I'll try a pre-open era and open era list (without using a player in both lists, so players who started their careers pre-open era or open era):

Pre-open era
1. Pancho Gonzales
2. Rod Laver
3. Bill Tilden
4. Ellsworth Vines
5. Jack Kramer
6. Ken Rosewall
7. Don Budge
8. Pancho Segura
9. Frank Sedgman
10. Lew Hoad

Open era
1. Roger Federer
2. Bjorn Borg
3. Pete Sampras
4. Rafael Nadal
5. Jimmy Connors
6. Ivan Lendl
7. John McEnroe
8. Mats Wilander
9. Andre Agassi
10. Guillermo Vilas
Interesting lists. I only would contradict about Rosewall's place. But it's fine that you include Pancho Segura who is vastly underrated. He was No.4 as late as 1962 when he was already 41 and had a match point against world champ, Rosewall, at Wembley...
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