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Gonzales was not toppled in 1960 or 1961. In 1960, Gonzales didn't play hardly any tournaments due to his disputes with Kramer, but he did dominate the 1960 world pro tour, as the standings below show:

1. Pancho Gonzales 49-8
2. Ken Rosewall 32-25
3. Pancho Segura 22-28
4. Alex Olmedo 11-44

In 1961, Rosewall won the French Pro and Wembley Pro titles, but Gonzales won his 8th US Pro title, and once again won the world pro tour:

Round Robin
1. Pancho Gonzales 33-14
2. Andres Gimeno 27-20
3. Lew Hoad 24-23
4. Barry MacKay 22-25
5. Alex Olmedo 18-29
6. Butch Buchholz 16-31

Third Place Play Off
3. Frank Sedgman 15-13 (Hoad pulled out with injury)
4. Barry MacKay 13-15

1. Pancho Gonzales 21-7
2. Andres Gimeno 7-21

As for 1964, I don't really see how Rosewall is above Laver that year. Laver won 2 of the 3 pro majors, and had turned the tables in their head-to-head matches.
A champion should also prove his dominance in big tournaments which Gonzalez did not in 1960 and 1961. The US Open 1961 was not a big tournament (weak participation).

In 1964 it was clear for all players that the winner of the tour was acknowledged the No. 1 player. I find it therefore fair to give Rosewall a tied No.1 ranking.
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