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Pronation of the foot involves how the bottom tends to interact with the ground, its tendency to tilt.

Looking down at your feet, how much do your feet point outward as if your knees were turned out? I am not sure how to measure this. For myself I sort of lift the feet up and down in a relaxed manner finally put them down in the most naturally feeling way. I can see that my feet point out. I check walking also.

I recently looked at people walking towards me on a sidewalk. It was a revelation. Their feet were often pointing out. Typically the younger people were more likely to have their feet pointing straight ahead and the older people more likely to have outwardly turned feet. I believe that this posture issue might result from tight hip muscles or other muscles. Tight Piriformus? I'm not knowledgeable in this subject but I believe that if people's feet point outward it may stress everything and especially the knee and foot. There are other similar posture problems.

By "PT" did you mean a 'physical trainer' or a medically trained 'physical therapist' (terms as used in the USA)?

Posture issues are very complex and not often emphasized. You need to find a highly qualified Dr, specialized, to examine you and evaluate your posture.

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