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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
His point was mine. They have sent this out to the public twice, and twice it has overwhelmingly been negatively reviewed. 4G is the new Lux flagship string. Do you truthfully expect a retailer to post a review saying that the new top of the line offering from the most popular poly brand in the world is less than spectacular?
The funny thing is, I was at a retail shop on Tuesday and one of the guys who works there who is a 5.0 masquerading as a 4.5 that I am friendly with were discussing strings and he marched me to the 4G's and asked if I was considering them and if so, he would recommend against it as he had just used them and would not recommend them for many of the same reasons listed in the playtest thread. So the specific comment I was referring to was that. I have not used them and am generally too cheap to pay for Luxilon strings
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