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Originally Posted by Roforot View Post
The USTA app for iphone/ipad sucks worse than their website.

I'd recommend either using the link cknobman produced or saving the bookmarked link for your team/tournament as an "app" on your homescreen.

The USTA's website is such a piece of donkey dung. It still galls me everytime I have to pay off a "convenience" fee for using their frakekup website to register for events.

Our tennis ladder in contrast is so much better... which tells me if the USTA wanted to produce a product that didn't look like a mule-crossed-monkey-fraked up puzzle, they could...
USTA should read the reviews off the Iphone apps site. They are generally pretty bad 1-2 star stuff. I almost wonder how they hire these people? Are they all friends of friends or family members in key positions?
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