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Hey Folks, I just had surgery in my right shoulder last Tuesday (Aug 14). They did SAD, and removed a couple bone spurs. While they were in there they found a small tear in the rotator that wasn't on the MRI, and I think they fixed that, too. I don't see the doctor until next Monday but I'd like to see if you guys think I'm on track?

I wasn't in much pain when the block wore off, so other then at night, I didn't use any of the pain medication (just taking Tylenol and Celebrex). They also told me to do passive pendulum exercises twice a day. I've been icing it, using a "Game Ready" device, as well.

At one week (Aug 21), they said I could take the sling off, so I did. They also gave me another packet of exercises to start doing (they haven't assigned a PT person to me yet). These exercises included trying to lift the arm in front, side, and back (at the elbow). Each of these exercises is extremely painful. It's been a couple days and I'm able to lift in the front to about 50-60 degrees, the side, about 30 degrees, and the back barely at all (I don't think I could put something in my back pocket, for example). When I'm not doing the exercises, my arm feels pretty good (sometimes just a dull sensation).

As I said, I don't see my doctor until next Monday, so I was hoping to get some feedback to see if the pain that I'm experiencing when doing my exercises is normal?

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