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Originally Posted by Kenny022593 View Post
I am thinking it is the latter. Tennis at RIT is kind of bottom rung, IN MY OPINION, since both of our men's and women's hockey teams are D1.

We do have a meeting like that, but it is a large group meeting with all of the RIT teams.

I read through the link that you posted and found this:
"You are not eligible in any sport if, after you become a student-athlete, you accept
any pay for promoting a commercial product or service or allow your name or picture
to be used for promoting a commercial product or service. [Bylaws and]"

I probably do not understand it fully, but I believe that this rule is for service outside of the school. I think in my case here it is referring to running a stringing business out of my apartment, but as I said, I may not be understanding the rule fully.
Is the commercial product or service referring to your own, or to you endorsing someone else's product? What is promotion? An ad? Is working for yourself or anybody else a "promotion?"

If your AD asked you to find out for yourself, he is not being responsible. Maybe you should send an email to his boss and ask him if it isn't his job to help in this.
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