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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
Serena's racket is being preped to be strung with Luxilon 4 G string.
How do we know that that Instagram account is an official Wilson account? It only seems to have been existence for 5 hours with an unverifiable photograph.

It really wouldn't surprise me Fedace, if you had created that account, given your history of posting misinformation on these boards. Bit of a coincidence also that that Instagram account was created 5 hours ago, and your post linking to that photo and that newly created Instagram account was also made exactly 5 hours ago as well......

And not least because the person going under the username 'wilsontennis' can't seem to spell or write properly:

"Check our online retailers to our purchase now!"

And why would 'wilsontennis' use a picture of an old tennis bag rather than the official Wilson logo?

And why would Serena Williams suddenly switch to 4G when she's using gut since forever and a day?

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