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I too have been hitting with the MSV Hex soft. I had been a long time user of MSV Focus Hex until recently switching to Pro Supex Big Ace Micro. My main complaint with the original MSV focus Hex was that it would occasionally feel a bit like plastic. A characteristic I have noticed with other poly's as well. Other than that I have always loved the pocketing, feel, and spin generation of the MSV Focus Hex. I believe MSV has improved upon the original Focus Hex. The Hex soft is a tad bit softer as the name implies but the biggest improvement is the plastic feeling has disappeared. All other attributes of the original Focus Hex remain, good pocketing, good tension maintenance, good spin generation, etc. As a matter of fact the new soft version plays very much like my new favorite string Big Ace Micro. A few times I had to look down to see which racquet I was using while doing my playtest.

Luckily for me, I recently bought a reel of Big Ace Micro so I don't have a tough decision as to which one to choose, however, had i not purchased that reel I really don't know which I would choose.
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