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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
You could have some tension loss because of technique and the string meter should not be used to determine tensions and compared to the stringer tension but let me go a little farther. Could be wrong and if you think so please let me hear from you.

I don't think bad technique causes tension loss.

You can get different tensions using a bad technique but pulling some strings ffor more or less time than others. This will cause strings to relax at different rates and result in higher or lower tension on some strings. When you tension a string and remove the tensioner you will more than likely see some drawback. But by clamping the strings as close to the frame and tension as possible most of the drawback is on the next pull. But here's the kicker - if the string slips in the clamp you have some big problems one of which is recovering drawback. But that is not technique that is setup. You will have more issues from improper setup and maintenance problems like dirty clamps than anything else.
Thanks for the explanation. I try to pull the strings and clamp as quickly as possible (as close to the frame as I can get), so hopefully that is eliminating some of what you're talking about. I also know that the stringmeter isn't great but it's pretty much what I have to go on besides feel. I'll try to make improvements as I string more racquets. I've done maybe 8-10 jobs now with my machine (Alpha Revo 4000 crank), and it still takes me 50-55 minutes per racquet but I hope I'll get both better and faster.
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