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Originally Posted by ericsson View Post
I once had a Hyperprostaff 6.0 with the silver "W"
A very rare racket indeed! (the only one i've ever seen and i saw many)
They always came in yellow "W", the silver "W" only appeared on the 6.1
I was once sent a racket in the HPS 6.1 with silver "W"'s paintjob of the PS 6.0 95

Must be a Pro paintjob of some sort, as there wasn't a retail version of the 6.0 95 in this paintjob, and I've never seen another!

It is currently in storage, but it looks exactly as in the photos at the top (only it's a 95 rather than an 85). It is surely the nearest, in looks at least, to this particular Federer racket, but I too wonder if Equijet has one of the actual 85 versions in this paintjob in his collection?

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