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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Problem here is that we're talking about a moving feast. There's no way that Scorpion when fresh at 53lbs CP is boardy. That's my tension of choice in a 18/20 6.1 for this string and when fresh it feels perfect to me, neither to soft nor to stiff. But it dies quickly and when it's dead it definitely gets pretty stiff. And low powered. Much more noticeable in a closed pattern rather than a open one where you can play through the issue to a certain extent.

Silverstring doesn't play line Scorpion in my view.

Personally if I wanted to stiffen Scorpion, I'd either change the tension or introduce a stiffer cross string.
Torres, that's my impression that at 53 is boardy. however it depends on the racquet you play with. i switched to the microgel prestige mp about 9 months ago and it's stiffer than the pure strom gt tour my previous racquet. also I string the racquet with a drop weight machine which I don't know if it makes any difference.
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