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Originally Posted by Firstking View Post
Yeah, the Radical MP molds from that era, MG and LM, have a listed beam width of 21mm, same with the Prestiges. I'll check my LM, but it looks to be the same width as the Prestiges.

Now, about the bridge, I've read some posts where people claim the bridge on a MG Radical MP gets slimmer along the middle main strings area (IIrc I found this to be true with MG Radical MPs I've held before, granted I don't have any right now to confirm), while for Novak's racquet, the bridge width remains constant.

Again, I know I'm being very picky.
So, I looked and compared them tonight.
The MG Radical MP is DEFINITELY thicker in the Hoop, the throat area may be the same thickness (I did not measure). I believe the IG Speed is 21mm in the throat and 20 in the hoop.
I will measure if that helps.
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