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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
I could tell you without a shadow of a doubt the grommet code on his and stepaneks frame do not match that of a Radical MP. Its hard to see what exactly is the code of his frame, but it is a variance of one of the following:

TK221, Tk231,or Tk281. or "7" replacing the "1". The "k" appears to be backwards. Also, the middle "2" is very hard to read so it could be a 2, 3, 6, 8.

Now, this does not necessarily mean it is not a Radical MP mold. Could very well be with a different code. Holding both racquets in my hands (the joker and stepanek) frame, one thing is for certain,,,,,,, they are identical. To me, they seemed to closely resemble the Instinct, minus the ridges, and a few other stringers agreed. The frame simply looks thicker than the radicals, which is why it seems to more closely resemble the Instinct.
Interesting observation, however, looking at the Fabfed's pictures, it has absolutely nothing to do with Instinct -- shape, thickness, throat. Not sure how you came up with that?
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