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Default I hate striiging.

First, i measure short. wasted 3$.

Then I get to the last 2 crosses and cant get the string out with an awl because the string is thick. The awl pops the multi blocking the hole before i could even get it out to the other side. I almost threw the machine through the window.

I'm more mad at wasting time and money then anything. 10$ worth of strings that i havent even played yet cause of this trash. Who ever designed the the grommet to block itself is a sadist. Would it be so hard to scooch it over half a mm? or figure out a system where it just plain doesn't get in the way?

I'm no engineer, but cmon... one little mistake and it pops.ugh.... I'm not in a goshdarn f-ing position to be wasting money. I'm taking chances on [playing tennis as it is and this happens. It really just broke my spirit. I was excited as a school boy today too. I've strung before no problem in the past. 1.5 +set s of string ive been waiting to try forever down the goddam drain


I will not pay for someone else to do it for me. Because i know it isnt that hard...

Sorry guys... I had to get it out.
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