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Yep, great news! Fraudstrong/Pharmstrong finally gets what's coming to him. His mountain of lies began to fall down over the past few years, and now it's all finally crumbling down.

Don't listen to the BS about what Livestrong has done for cancer either. Livestrong has contributed almost nothing to cancer research, it is also it's own commercial entity. It's just another way Nike tries to make people feel good about giving them money.

And definitely don't listen to the garbage about being tested however many times. Do the research and get the facts before buying into that junk.
I hope you dont seriously believe all his competitors arent as juiced up as he is however. It should be La Tour de Juice. In recent years we have seen almost every noteable cyclist get caught, Contador, Ulrich, Armstrong, Hamilton, Landis, Vinokourov, numerous Tour de France titles and Olympic medals stripped, various teams have been caught overstocked with human growth hormone. Even one of the Schleck brothers, who were potrayed as the wholesome all that is good about the sport, was recently caught. Probably EVERY rider in the Tour de France is doped today, and anyone who believes otherwise is a naive idiot.

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