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Originally Posted by sansaephanh View Post
First, i measure short. wasted 3$.

Then I get to the last 2 crosses and cant get the string out with an awl because the string is thick. The awl pops the multi blocking the hole before i could even get it out to the other side. I almost threw the machine through the window.

I'm more mad at wasting time and money then anything. 10$ worth of strings that i havent even played yet cause of this trash. Who ever designed the the grommet to block itself is a sadist. Would it be so hard to scooch it over half a mm? or figure out a system where it just plain doesn't get in the way?

I'm no engineer, but cmon... one little mistake and it pops.ugh.... I'm not in a goshdarn f-ing position to be wasting money. I'm taking chances on [playing tennis as it is and this happens. It really just broke my spirit. I was excited as a school boy today too. I've strung before no problem in the past. 1.5 +set s of string ive been waiting to try forever down the goddam drain


I will not pay for someone else to do it for me. Because i know it isnt that hard...

Sorry guys... I had to get it out.
So you cry about stringing and it is too difficult for you to do it, or too difficult for you to learn the proper way to string, and then say you do not want to pay, and its not that hard. Very inconsistant statements.
Just how old are you?
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