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I'll try not to be too critical, because you're obviously (and admittedly) very frustrated.

A few things:

1. You're not alone in "beginning difficulties." Everyone is different and for some folks it will come easier than for others. But my first racquet too me about 4 hours over the course of 2 days! I used an old cheapy that I didn't care about to practice on. I learned a lot! These days, I can get through a racquet in under 30 minutes, and for certain racquets/strings, I can do about 20 min.

2. Blocked grommets can indeed be tricky. I suggest searching on the forums here, as there are a number of technique that can help mitigate the difficulties.

3. You wasted a little money, yes, but I would argue that saying you wasted your time isn't the right way to look at it. Yes, it's frustrating, but like with virtually any craft, you don't get good at it by just doing it once. You have to put in the work (the investment) first, before you get a return on that investment. In this case, part of the investment is learning how to string well, and a part of that process is messing up. You didn't waste time, you learned what didn't work. You will get better, IF you have the patience and determination to see it through. You won't become an expert overnight, but each time you do it, you will learn more about how you can improve and make it easier on yourself the next time.

Keep reading the threads (there's lots of helpful tips) and keep reviewing the videos from Yulitle, Irvin, and Drak.

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