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Default Post SAD exercise-

Hi Hal,
I had SAD and bursectomy at the end of last April. (Just played friendly doubles last night- only 2 sets, and delighted to say my arm feels great!).

I live in Ireland where tennis is a minority sport so I was very concerned that I would have to pick a good PT. My surgeon, who was excellent, was not at all in touch with what the "real" recovery time and return to tennis time would be.

I kept a diary of my progress which my PT suggested and here are some of the tips:

Firstly, I was only to do very gentle pendulum exercises and arm, neck movements for two weeks after the surgery. She would not increase the exercises till the third week. Even though there are some more "rapid recovery" programmes, she stressed the importance of tissue healing time. Even when I did receive the first two sets of more advanced stretching and strengthening I was only to do them once a day.

Secondly, when doing the exercises given, most important thing, was to do them pain-free. You should feel some discomfort but not pain and especially not pain the day after. I was told not to move on to the next series of exercises until the first ones were achieved pain-free.

The stiffness, which you obviously have to eliminate through stretching,sometimes takes time. And that is the third thing! TIME! I was so impatient, especially to achieve forward movement in my arm and movement behind my back. But I did notice, day by day, that it magically seemed to get better. This was another reason why my PT said to keep a diary, so that I could track progress and would realise that time is needed to recover. This is the last thing I am working on. I have all ROM and I can get my hand up behind my back although still about 2 inches lower than pre-surgery. So I am still working on it.

All in all, really happy with progress. This forum has been very helpful to me as I don't know anybody near me who has had SAD.

I wish you the best of luck! Give things time to heal and you will be back soon!
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