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well i had a match tonight and i would have liked it ready because I don't mind breaking in a fresh string job. I'd prefer to let it sit a day, but it's not of the utter most importance when I mostly wanted my main stick tonight.

I knew it was going to take me a while, but i had other obligations earlier today and apparently 2 hours is just enough time to almost finish even with a few breaks and a few mistakes. It was the heat of the moment that created this post and probably my mistakes. I was already late to my match as it was, and i decided to get it done right before it popped lol.

thanks for the help. As for being apparently being an impatient 5 year old to Jim_e, don't read a rage post the next time you see one. Bad days can bring out the worst in us and if you don't have the heart to at least sympathize then i'm sorry. Two wrongs don't make a right.

This string, as are most multis, aren't very durable. I've never strung a multi before and this was a major surprise. I felt like i could pop it with a fingernail. I did the simple things to help me out. Made the string ends as sharp as i good to give me some lee way. used the awl in a few situations that it actually worked. But as the countdown was already in the negative and the heat was on. The string snapped along with my right mind. I went out there with no warm up and lost 1st 6-2, up 1-4 when the lights shut off.

I won't get into the inherently depressing dribble that is my life, but today wasn't the best of them. Again I apologize if i offended anyone, jim, and I will continue learn from this sub forum.

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Imagine trying to ride a bike by yourself. Wasn't there always someone there to help you? There must be someone you know who can show you how it's done.

What racket are your stringing? What is your racket pattern (mains, crosses, skipped grommet holes, and does it start in head or throat?) What type clamps are you using (fixed or flying.) Do you have a starting clamp?

Oh yes and one more thing have someone hide that awl from you.
1. I learned to ride a bike by hitting a great deal of parked cars in my neighborhood.

2. I'm stringing a prince diablo tour mid, 16x20. Starts at the bottom. I don't remember where the skips are off the top of my head, but i doubt they matter too much since I did fine until the end. I only have flying clamps on an older model Gamma x-2 drop weight.
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