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Originally Posted by sansaephanh View Post
1. I learned to ride a bike by hitting a great deal of parked cars in my neighborhood.

2. I'm stringing a prince diablo tour mid, 16x20. Starts at the bottom. I don't remember where the skips are off the top of my head, but i doubt they matter too much since I did fine until the end. I only have flying clamps on an older model Gamma x-2 drop weight.
1. I learned on the sidewalk but there was a wall on one end and a fence on the other to hold on. LOL

2. That racket could explain a couple of problems. For one you have 20 Xs if you used advice for an 18 X racket you'd end up two crosses short. Always use more string than you need. Like many Prince rackets that racket skips 7&9 top and bottom and the mains tie at 8T while the bottom cross ties off at 6T. If you tied the main off at 6T you'd have two strings blocking hole 7T. If you string two piece and tie the mains at 8T you should be ok but then the main strings would go directly over 7&9T blocking all four holes and if you are new and use a soft multi it could still present problems. If you are stringing two piece the top hole 9H is also blocked so all in all you have six blocked holes. Try running in the top two crosses without tension before you tension the outside mains. That way there is no issue with blocked holes at the top. Try using a scrap piece of string placed behind the strings on the bottom of the frame that are going over you grommet holes for the two bottom crosses. Then when you are weaving your bottom crosses just tug on the scrap string to open up the hole.

Then if you want to string that frame with one piece of string this would be an easy frame to do that on. You would not have any blocked holes and no hard weaves with a short side ATW pattern. There would also never be any short. And because you are using flying clamps you could always have two strings to clamp. Let me know if you want to know how to do that.
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