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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
I said it at the time he was doing everything and Barry Bonds was at a different level in Baseball than everybody else.

Barry did not go out of his way to hide to hide the fact that he didnt like the media and was genrally an A-Hole.

Lance did everything right from a PR standpoint and used cancer to his advantage and actually won awards over Barry for athele of the year.

Both had in depth books written of numerous accustations.
One was not realeased in the USA.
One was relaesed in the USA and instantly became 100% factual in poeples minds.

One guy was white.
One guy was black.

Of course the white guy gets the benefit of the doubt all these years.
Very good post, summed up the contrasting images between the two: Bonds a bonafide creep, Armstrong accessible, etc., ..... but unfortunately you then had to invoke the Rev. Al Sharpton school of thought: playing the race card and "rubber stamping" it as ordained knowledge with a very subjective, cynical ASSUMPTION. Bonds is dispised by many because of who he is: a very unlikeable creep. Honky Roger Clemens is also dispised because (while maybe not a creep on the level of Bonds) he too is judged by what people see him as: an arrogant liar.

Originally Posted by fundrazer
Livestrong has contributed almost nothing to cancer research.
^^^Nice, really nice. This from someone who uses a "pat himself on the back and tell the world about it" username: fundrazer.
Stay classy my friend. And fwiw, I'd never wish stage 4 testicular cancer on you or anyone.

on-topic, I may be wrong but imho, it's mostly ill-willed, agenda driven b.s. from all sides - that sport is as drug-infested and corrupt as they come. For every juiced up Armstrong, there's 10 others who "passed the test" .... technically.

The races crash pileups are cool though.
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