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Originally Posted by Dedans Penthouse View Post
Very good post, summed up the contrasting images between the two: Bonds a bonafide creep, Armstrong accessible, etc., ..... but unfortunately you then had to invoke the Rev. Al Sharpton school of thought: playing the race card and "rubber stamping" it as ordained knowledge with a very subjective, cynical ASSUMPTION. Bonds is dispised by many because of who he is: a very unlikeable creep. Honky Roger Clemens is also dispised because (while maybe not a creep on the level of Bonds) he too is judged by what people see him as: an arrogant liar.
But, Barry was the only guy who getting ostracized while he was actually still playing. People knew Roger was as big a dick as anyone, and they suspected he was using the roids as much as anyone. Ask any Red Sox fan about clemns last few years there and his tranformation in Toronto. but he was still touyed as being the best even at age whatever when he was with Houston. They never went after Clemons the same way the went after Bonds. The singled out Bonds, mainly becuase he was the best and breaking tons of records.

I failed in the comment as I can see it does appear that makes it seem like its the main issue, when in fact it is not.
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