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What does my username have to do with anything? I've been using it for years for pc gaming among other things. Don't understand why you're even talking about it. Keep the personal insults to yourself please.

Look, it is very well possible that Lance brought his cancer upon himself with the massive doping regime that he was a part of during his cycling career. I think the whole Livestrong brand is a joke, and I was very displeased to see Tennis Warehouse begin carrying the brand. The way I see it, it's a brand built on a foundation of lies and deceit.

I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, but the reality is that Livestrong is more of a commercial enterprise than a charity foundation. But some people can say this better than I can, basically, Livestrong and even the pink breast cancer ribbons are commercializing the cancer awareness movement and exploiting human generosity.

"much of your donated money to LiveStrong is spent on legal fees, not cancer research."

Do a little bit of reading and you'll learn something. Livestrong is getting into legal fights with much much smaller cancer awareness groups, but for what reason? Why not all get along and support cancer awareness?

"In 2010 alone Livestrong reported spending $468,355 on ‘legal fees’ related to domestic and international trademark infringements."

This is another amusing and interesting bit "In the combined audit report of the livestrong family of charities the 2009 travel expenses total almost $2 million ($1,922,995). For comparison, the National Cancer Coalition, with 5 times as much money raised only claimed $108,559 in travel expenses"
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