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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Strokes and fokes, I guess.

I used to use Scorpion 17 at 53lbs CP in a leaded YT Prestige MP, which I'm guessing is stiffer than your Microgel. Not a great deal of spin but sensational for control, feedback, and hitting through the court. When fresh I didn't find it boardy - just the right side of 'immediate' response off the stringbed, but then I prefer the immediacy of the response off the stringbed. Any softness goes after the first 2-3 hours after which I found that it stiffens up, becomes lower powered, and loses spin. At 5 hours, it didn't feel nice at all.

Personally, I think that if you really like Scoprion, you're not really going to replicate its feel unless you retain some element of it in the stringbed. So that is likely to mean either an increase in tension (small differences of 1-2lbs make a difference to how this string feels in a 18x20), or use a (stiffer) Scorpion 16 cross with your 17 mains, or find a stiffer poly cross (though I don't know what that might be).
could it be that at 53 i find it stiff because I use the 16l gauge 1.22?
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