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Originally Posted by Benhur View Post
I...if something is not being tested at a certain time, then it was, in a sense, legal, or at least there has to be a short limit to how far into the future you can go fishing for witches into the past, otherwise this becomes a circus
Why? The rules of the sport don't specify specific drugs and limit the scope of their application to them alone, they have an umbrella coverall which includes stuff they don't know about yet. For quite obvious reasons too - because the tests for drugs always lag behind new drug developments (and which is why they keep tests quite secret for a while, so those trying to defeat them will take longer to work out how to beat those tests).

Participation in most sport, at least at a competitive level, requires acceptance by the athletes that they agree to the testing regime amongst other rules. If you don't accept, you can't compete - it's that simple. There is no "you can't do that" scenario with regards to testing for those who may have infringed - which is what Armstrong was effectively attempting to do when he tried to have the case thrown out recently but was rejected.
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