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Originally Posted by jonnythan View Post
But they didn't actually catch him. There are still no samples from his Tour championships that have tested positive for doping.

They have stripped him of his titles based on statements from his competitors and pretty much nothing else. They say they have recent samples - not from the winning days - that "are consistent with" doping but don't actually prove any doping!

Maybe he doped. Maybe he didn't. Either way, they're stripping him of titles without ever producing a single failed blood sample.
Yep, and all anyone can say is that it is pretty obvious that he doped. I don't know how you go from that to stripping someone of their titles.

As soon as they prove it, then go ahead and take the titles. If your personal sports hero has never tested positive for ped's, but then someone who knows him claimed that he used, are you all going to jump on the doping bandwagon?

Perhaps someone should pay members of high profile sports stars' teams to claim that said stars are doping in order to show why it doesn't necessarily mean anything. They can out their scheme after the players are "proven" to be dopers.
Consider the set of all sets that have never been considered.

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