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Default seekay's review

Full set or hybrid: Full bed of Luxilon

Tension used for playtest: 45lb, electronic constant pull

Regular string set up: Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 17 @ 45lb

Racquet brand and model used for test: Wilson BLX2 Pro Staff Six.One 90

Power of test string: I thought the string had an appropriate amount of power. It made it easy to hit big shots but still allowed me to control the ball. I felt like it was more powerful than most polys I've playtested.

Feel: Feel was good for a poly.

Spin: Good spin, but not quite at the level of Big Hitter Black 7 or Tour Bite.

Comfort: The string is one of the most comfortable polys I've hit with, which surprised me.

Durability: My game doesn't snap poly; I cut it out when it goes dead. That said, this string seems to be maintaining its liveliness exceptionally well.

Tension maintenance: The tension has dropped steadily since it was first strung, but I don't feel that it's impacted the string's playability as much as I've found with other strings.

Control: Control was adequate, but not amazing. I feel like it's a good trade to get more power from the string.

Compare to the string you use most often: The Luxilon string is livelier than BHB7, and it seems to be wearing more predictably. I like BHB7 better when the strings are new, but after a few hours of hitting, the Luxilon feels better.

Tension recommendations: No regrets. 45lb feels good.

Summary: I like the overall package that this string offers. It's not amazing in any one performance category, but it provides a good balance to make a poly that's remarkably comfortable and easy to use. I'd consider switching to it, but I expect that it will be priced out of competition with my usual string.

Thanks to Luxilon and TW for the opportunity to playtest.
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