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Default Re: 2012 luxilon playtest

Strung As : Full set

Strung tension: 58

Regular Set-Up: Volkl V-Pro Full Set at 58 tension

Racket Brand used for test: Volkl Dnx 10 Mid

Power of string: I felt that it was less power than other polys that i have tried. My balls came up short when hitting with it.

Feel of string: Felt similar to my regular co-poly string.

Spin: Good amount of spin from string. Had to put more spin on the ball so the ball doesn't come up short.

Comfort: It felt moderate vibration when hit on sweet spot. The string was arm friendly. Once used to hitting with this string it was more comfortable.

Durability: I have about 8 hours of serious play with this string.

Tension maintenance: i felt a big drop after 4 hour play and then another drop around 6 hours. My hypothesis on why it dropped so much is because i put my racket in my black car and the heat just was overwhelming for the string. I cut it after 8 hours.

Control: Serves are really nice and crisp. Hitting on ground strokes were moderate and low powered. Was able to do full strokes to keep the ball in the court with spin.

Comparison to my own set up: Compared to my own set up it had lower power level. The spin was on par with my set up. Took awhile to get used to the string.

Summary: Overall, i liked the string and i hope that it will be a cheap string under 10 dollars. It had great control like my regular set up. and i believe the tension maintenance for me should of been better if i didn't place it in my car.
Dislike: didnt like the vibration for off frame shots.

Thank you TW for giving me the chance to try this string =]
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