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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
article says he died April 12, but she was only charged August 14? did they recently exhume the body to investigate cause of death or did it actually take 4 months for them to conclude homicide? this sounds very odd.

I really doubt that woman had the strength to bludgeon anyone to death, let alone with something as lightweight as a coffe cup. Or someone else was involved.
Why so many months after the death of her husband? Check this out -

"A perfunctory check at a mortuary on the eve of Alan Goodman's cremation revealed signs of a fatal beating."

"An autopsy revealed shards of the coffee cup in the wounds. A search warrant executed April 21 turned up blood throughout the home "inconsistent with accidental death"

Supposedly she was involved with another man so maybe he helped out. I'm sure he's under investigation.

Innocent until proven guilty so maybe she will be found innocent. Who knows at this point?

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