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Originally Posted by VeeSe View Post
Thanks for the explanation. I try to pull the strings and clamp as quickly as possible (as close to the frame as I can get), so hopefully that is eliminating some of what you're talking about...
Oops your technique is contributing to tension loss after all. I would not necessarily call it bad technique though. Imagine this if you can you pull tension with a constant pull machine (drop weight or electronic does not matter. The longer you pull the longer the string stretches but the tension is the same. The longer you wait to clamp while the tensioner is pulling the closer you final result will be to the reference tension. If you have a crank stringer pull once an allow the crank to hold tension without moving the clamp and the string will relax. Release the lockout without releasing tension and pull again and you will see the string stretch. Now clamp and this will result is your tension being closer to reference.

That is a big issue I have with speed stringing. Loses too much tension or you have to pull at a higher tension to reach your target. Doesn't really matter though either raise the tension and pull fast or lower the tension and pull slower. That is a big reason some people like the JET Method that uses longer pulls at lower tensions. It holds tension better when you do that.
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