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Default Luxilon Playtest

This was a short playtest for me a I received the strings right before a tournament (Won it) and did not feel confident enough to use them in my matches so I'm a little late to get this up. I should start with I am actually looking to switch to a more comfortable co-poly that has better feel that my current string.

I used these in a full set at 52lbs in a 2012 Pure Drive Roddick normally strung with Solinco Revolution at the same tension. I have an all court game with a big serve and heavy spin on forehand slightly less on my 2 handed backhand.

Power: I found the power level right where I expected, not high powered by any means but decent power for a poly it rewarded fast swings and required me to provide any put away power, fairly easy to control depth and required very little adjustment although I would say revolution is slightly less powerful. This string provided a predictable response on fast swings.

Feel: I found the feel to be good. Certainly better than my normal string which doesn't have much feel at all this string is as good or better at net and for touch shots than a lot of polys I've used.

Spin: This string surprised me here especially after reading other posters that found this to be average in the spin department. I found this string to provide heavy spin for me. It does so in a different way though from what I've felt. I normally look for strings that feel like they really grab the ball and provide that "bite" that gives me spin. These felt like they were more "active" in that there was very pronounced movement and snapback that provided me with a lot of kick on serves and groundstrokes that were exploding off the court. I would say this string is similar to TCS or Black venom in this way out of the strings I've tried. This is no tourbite but this string is a spin monster in my racket.

Comfort: I found this to be a very comfortable and playable poly. Not the most comfortable I've used but certainly respectable. I have arm problems on and off and this string did not give me any trouble. Almost everything else made by luxilon has and it's also one of the reasons I'm looking for a new string of choice.

Durability: I do not break polys unless they are 18 or 18L's so I'm not the best to comment on this. I will cut this out long before I could break it.

Tension Maintenance: This string seemed to drop a little tension initially and then lock in. I have'nt noticed much tension loss after the initial drop which wasn't enough to affect playability too much. This string will last me another hitting session from the feel of it so that would make about 9-10 hours of hitting which is all I expect from a poly. About average.

Control This string really shined on control for me because of the low powered feel it rewarded fast swings and aggressive play. Very impressed with the control as I normally associate this level of control on high swing speeds with much stiffer polys. Pleasantly surprised.

This string is more comfortable and powerful than my normal setup but still very controlled and predictable which are usually mutually exclusive traits. I found these to be similar in feel (like the TW playtesters have said) to Polyfibre TCS and other soft co-polys. I could see stringing these even lower in a 90-98 Square inch frame but I don't think I would go any lower than 50lbs in my Roddick as the racket is quite powerful. I loved the balance of comfort and control but given the average level of tension maintenance and relatively high price from what I've seen I will not be switching to this. If this were in a more competitive price range of $10.00 to $13.00 I could see it being a contender for the prize of string of choice but with all great strings out there in the sub $13.00 range I don't see the near $17.00 price tag reasonable given the performance is not out of this world. This is definitely a step in the right direction though and if this is an indication of what is to come from the poly giant then I am excited at what the future holds.
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