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Default Luxilon 4G Playtest

String first impression stringing-Very easy to string. Probably the easiest poly I have ever strung.

Full set or hybrid-Hybrid with Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex 16 in the crosses

Tension used for playtest-47lbs for the mains 57 for the crosses

Regular string set up-Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution in the mains with Synthetic Gut Duraflex in the crosses

Racquet brand and model used for test-Head Prestige IG Midplus

Power of test string-This string was very low powered. It allowed me to swing out on approach shots not worrying about them flying long.

Feel-Touch shots at the net were very hard to hit. I missed many balls I usually would make with my original string setup. Drop volleys were also very hard to hit. I felt the same way with lobs. They were very hard to hit compared to my normal setup.

Spin-There was very little spin created with this string compared to many other polys Iíve used. I hit heavy topspin so this affected me when playing with this string. I did notice on slices the ball would have more spin than normal.

Comfort-My arm has only affected by Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power at high tensions. This did create a tiny arm problem after a long set of having to fire in many serves but other than that there was no pain.

Durability- Used it for 20 hours and has no signs of breaking anytime soon. My crosses will break faster than the mains

Tension maintenance- After using it for about 5 hours it dropped around 4-5 lbs which almost made the string more playable due to increased power.

Control- The control with this string was outstanding. I would hit cross court deep cross court and it would land right on the line without a doubt every time. That was very helpful to grind out points and be able to still stay in them with the lack of power these strings have.

Compare to the string you use most often-My flat serves were going in at a higher percentage but were getting smacked back for winner due to their lack of pace; My spin serve was very consistent. I was able to place it very well but due to the lack of power opponents were just killing it back leaving me left starting the point on a bad note; My kick serves were very easily placed probably the most effective serve with these strings.

Ground strokes were lacking in the power but not the control. I was able to grind out points while keeping the ball deep but opponents were able to stay in points because balls that would be winners didnít have enough pace on them to make them fly past opponents instead they would battle back into points and sometimes win them.

Tension recommendations-To make up for the lack of power I would lower both the crosses and the mains by 5lbs.

Summary-I like the stiffer bed for the gain of control. I just wish there was more power from this string to put away shortballs and not giving opponets chances to comeback on points that should be won by me. I also miss the touch from my regular set up. Overall I like my regular set up better.
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