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You must include the following in your review

Full set or hybrid: Used as crosses with Pacific Classic 16L mains
Tension used for playtest:62 lbs mains, 54 lbs crosses
Regular string set up:Pacific Classic mains, WeissCannon SilverString crosses
Racquet brand and model used for test:Boris Becker BB11 Mid
Power of test string:It had slightly less power than my normal setup. I use the poly to tame down the gut a little bit, and this string fit the bill. It took a little bit to adjust, but not too long.
Feel:Seemed to have pretty good feel, but was perhaps a bit more harsh than my normal setup. It seemed to go away after about an hour of play. Volleys seemed to have better touch with this than my normal setup once they settled in.
Spin:Seemed to be on par with my normal setup. Good hop on ground strokes off each side, good kick on serves. One thing I will note is that it seemed that it wasn't quite as forgiving if I didn't hit perfectly clean, having the ball flatten out and fly a little more on me than I am used to if I don't hit it well. I guess that should teach me to hit better though!
Comfort:My arm is fairly sensitive to poly's, which is why I don't play them full bed very often. With my current setup, I generally cut out my crosses and restring after about 8 hours of play. That is usually when my arm tells me it is time. I have played the string for about 8 hours and I would say it might have a couple more hours in it before I cut it out. The end of my last play session I was just starting to feel it a little.
Durability:No real issues here I don't think. I never break poly's before I cut them, and this doesn't show any signs of breaking.
Tension maintenance: (how long before it became too loose or unplayable) After about 3 hours, I started to see a little more string movement than I am used to with my standard setup, but it seems to have stayed pretty steady since then. I will note that these strings seem to be easier on my gut than the Silver String, possibly due to some coating on them, even with the slightly increased movement.
Control: (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) I have mixed reactions on this one. If I hit the ball cleanly, I would say control is improved over my normal setup. However, once in a while it just seemed like the ball just wouldn't bite the strings and it wouldn't go where I was trying to put it.
Compare to the string you use most often:Overall I would say it performs pretty similarly to what I use now. With more time I might become more comfortable with it. I do like that I get a little more life out of it before I start feeling it in my arm. I also felt like I could move my kick serves around a little better with this string.
Tension recommendations: (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) 54 lbs was probably about right for my usage.
Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
Likes: Slightly longer lasting than my normal setup and slightly better on serves, plus good touch on volleys
Dislikes: Some shots just didn't seem to come off the stringbed as cleanly as I am used to if everything wasn't perfect.

Overall I think it is an above average poly, but I wouldn't say it is special in any one area. It is definitely easier on my arm than ALU Power. It is a pretty good balance of everything, and I will use the other half on an upcoming string job. On the stringing note, it was definitely easier to string than a lot of poly's I have strung. It wasn't hard to weave or tie off at all, though I still didn't chance tying it off on a gut main.

Thanks for the test opportunity. I always enjoy them.

Yonex Vcore Tour 330- Pacific Tough Gut 16L/Ytex ProTour

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