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Tennis_tater...great question.

First, I want to stress something. I'm NOT suggesting anyone go to a clinic for therapy. I'm trying to walk a fine line here because I want to share information and perspectives that I hope are of value to others, and I absolutely do not want to make anyone feel like I'm trying to solicit business for any of our clinics, mine included. My assumption is that for the vast majority of people here, I'll never work with you, but I hope you have gotten some measure of value from what I've shared here.

So now to answer your question, yeah, it depends. Now, my expectation is that a client walks out of their first visit with their body working better right then and there. So if a client walks in with moderate over-pronation, my goal is by the end of the first visit, I'm seeing improvement.

Now, what I typically see is similar to what I experienced as a client. The improvement curve is steeper at the front end of the therapy, and as issues begin to clear up, the curve flattens and further gains take longer to achieve. So we might get really significant change in the first few weeks, with further positive change ongoing but the rate of change slowing over time.

Now with me, bear in mind I was digging out of a REALLY deep hole. When I started with Egoscue as a client, my goal was not to make subtle changes to body function. I was trying to stay out of a wheelchair. I was feeling significantly better within the first month, but I'd say it took about 6 months before the idea of running again really seemed feasible, then another couple of months to work up the courage to try it. A year after I started, I was running and playing tennis again, pain free. And I was told by numerous medical professionals that after my accident that would never ever happen.

For someone with moderate issues trying to get performance dialed in, change will happen much faster. I've worked with runners with knee pain because of a hip mis-alignment causing a knee torque and a distortion of foot strike where one session was sufficient to get enough improvement to eliminate pain and allow them to resume training for a marathon. Usually takes a few more visits than that, but not always. The body can change with stunning speed if given the proper stimulus.

It's been a long day and I'm running a bit on fumes, so if I rambled a bit and didn't exactly answer your question, feel free to point that out and I'll take another run at it.
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