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Originally Posted by GRANITECHIEF View Post
Ya right:

Also, Machida turns down the fight, Shogun turns down the fight, and Vitor Belfort, another 185'er steps up. I guess since Sonnen lost his last fight and Vitor won his, he's in.

I'm just disgusted with everyone. They make me sick. Dan Henderson training too hard, Jon Jones being a big whiny crybaby goon, Dana White being a hysterical incompetent schmuck; it all makes me want to puke in my cheerios. What a giant cluster**** of incredible proportions! Get it together people! I'm fat, lazy, and way too useless to find something productive to do with myself and I want to be entertained!

I'm so mad I could curl up on the ground right now and hold my breath until I turn blue and pass out and then hopefully go into convulsions to seriously alarm any random people that happen to witness my display of uncontrollable disgustedness.
I agree with everything except the self-abuse in the last para. Dana White needs to put better shows together AND if Jones refuses to fight, suspend (or drop him) - Jones needs UFC as much as it needs him. Jones needs to grow a set. I'll bet if his camp had said "another half mil + make it a non-title fight" White would have agreed.

I'll pass on the TO show.
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