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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Kodes certainly has the edge over Gimeno there. Kiki, while some get mad at you here (not me by the way) I think there is an argument that you toss out some of the best one liners on the forums.

I know a bit about Gimenoīs troubles, which start with his own tennis club, which was probably the first pto managed ever club in Spain, which he launched around 1974 or 1975, just after retiring.Gimeno has always been a nice, friendly guy but that has nothing to do with this forum.Itīs always been very very intriguing the spanish rivalries, and how many pressured Orantes to support either Gimeno or Santana, just a few lines abbout it...(Orantes had it very clear, though)

I strill wait your unvaluable contribution on the best lovers thread...I heard about Noah,Pecci,Arias,Mac but I think Newcombe,Emmo and Stolle match them all in their primes (BTW Newcombe had a severe pre heart attack a few years ago?)
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