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Lefty Spin's 4G review:

Full set or hybrid: Used the string in the crosses with Babolat Natural Gut.

Tension used: Strung one racquet at 57 and the other at 59 just to get a sense of the string at two different tensions.

Regular set-up: Babolat VS Gut mains with Big Banger in the crosses strung at 57.

Racquet used during playtest: Prince EXO3 Tour (16x1

Power: Definately a more powerful string. Felt like balls were sailing more than I expected.

Feel: Decent feel not great. I actually feel like I have better touvh with my normal set-up even though this is a much softer string.

Spin: String offered more spin than normal set-up. In particular on my serve I felt the set-up offered more kick. I just had problems getting serves in.

Comfort: Definately a very comfortable poly. Feels softer that any of the other Luxilon polys. Probably the softest poly I have ever used.

Durability: Not an issue for me. I don't break the polys. The string is not showing any signs of wear.

Tension maintenance: This is probably a week point for this string. I feel the tension for this set-up dropped more than I would expect after only a couple hours of play.

Control: Probably slightly better than my normal set-up. My main issue was power and not keeping the ball in the court.

Compared to normal set-up: Just a little to powerful for me. I have a disclaimer to add later that I hope helps everyone.

Tension recommendations: I would recommend upper 50s to 60 for this string. I just felt there was a lot of power and balls were really sailing for me.

Summary: I need to add a disclaimer. I thought this was the string that we playtested for Luxilon earlier this year. It definately looked and felt the same during stringing. At that time I was using the Yonex rd ti-80 lite and the string played completely different. Either the string was different this time or it is not a good match with the EXO3 tour. The EXO3 tour is a very soft frame so maybe this string should be used in a stiffer frame. I really liked it in the Yonex and I didn't like it nearly as much in the Prince.

Once again thank TW for the opportunity to try the string.
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