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Full set or hybrid- Full set

Tension used for playtest- 57 lbs

Regular string set up- Solinco Revolution 57 lbs

Racquet brand and model used for test- Donnay X-Dual Silver 99

Power of test string- This string packs a powerful punch. I really enjoyed the "pop" feeling off the string bed. Not too much power, for me it is just perfect

Feel- TMT. Too much touch. Man oh man, this is great at net for volleys and drop shots.

Spin- This is where I enjoy revolution a little bit better. There is spin there for the 4G, just not quite enough for my liking. Moderate spin, I should say

Comfort- Very nice on the arm. Not too soft though. Not mushy. Very nice

Durability- Unfortunately I cannot comment as it broke on a shank around 5 hrs. It seemed to have 1 or 2 hrs left.

Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)- After 5 hrs, it was still great.

Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)- Very predictable trajectory, a little bit better on flatter shots for me. It felt better when i swung out.

Compare to the string you use most often
Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?)- For me, the tension was just fine. I string higher anyways, but even when it loosens up a little it feels great.

Summary: The feel and pop of this string were fantastic. Could not ask for more. Very much a fantastic all around string, except a little lacking on the spin side for me.

Thanks TW for a fantastic playtest!
Donnay National Team
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