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Originally Posted by UCSF2012 View Post
Do you know what would happen to sales if any string company claimed a particular string is designed for gut/poly? The string would have no chance what-so-ever in the market, because how many people actually use natural gut? Wilson/Luxilon's marketing team isn't stupid enough to narrow the market and sabotage 4G sales. It's up to the player to determine how the string are best suited.

So far, both Nishikori and S. Williams are using 4G with Wilson natural gut. Given how miserable playtesters found the 4G to play in full bed, I think there's another purpose for 4G, and it's not full bed.

So yes, it's my personal view that 4G should be used in a hybrid. And Nishikori and S Williams seem to agree with me.
Fallacious argument. Torres' point is completely valid. The string, unlike L-Tec, is not marketed to be a hybrided string. Just because that seems to work best does NOT mean the average consumer will automatically realize that. Lux cannot market their poly to work with gut unless they package it under the Wilson name in a sort of Champion's Choice v2 sort of set. The fact that it's woeful in full and that it's marketed in full is the only valid point to discuss. The coincidental and anecdotal evidence that it is being used in natural gut hybrids (which, I should add, many rec players do NOT use) is in fact irrelevant. Until Luxilon says that it is meant to be hybrided with natural gut, it will be on the market as all other Lux polys: as a poly, not the poly portion of a hybrid.

So yes, as Torres said, there is no manufacturer's claim that their product works in a superior manner when used in a hybrid. The fact that their pro players are doing such means nothing to the average string consumer. They will buy it and use it as all other Lux polys are marketed: as a poly, not a cross.
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