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TW/TT - Thanks for another playtest!
Luxilon - Cheers to you as well!

Full set or hybrid
-Full set

Tension used for playtest
-48 lbs

Regular string set up
-Various multifilament strings with Gamma Live Wire XP being my fav - 57 lbs

Racquet brand and model used for test
-Borris Becker DC London (Leather grip and lead at 3/9 & 5/7)

Power of test string
-Very low power. I was able to swing away (granted that a proper stroke was used) on ground strokes. I found myself having to work pretty hard to get the ball deep. Probably lost a bit of pace on the 2nd serve

-Coming from livelier strings, this was surprisingly not as dead as I thought it would be. It was also pretty comfortable for someone who has suffered from GE. Ground strokes where rewarded with solid feedback when in the sweet spot. Off centered shots weren't as jarring as I'd expect. Overheads/serves also felt nice. I enjoyed half volleys with this, finding myself just using my momentum of moving towards the net to help get the ball back. At the net was pretty fun too. Cutting off solid ground strokes with the low powered strings plus the control was great. The ball would just drop and stay low.

-With the low power of the string I had to increase the racquet head speed through contact. This seemed to give the ball some nice spin but not as much spin as I expected. I was still was able to deliver a heavy ball that would jump. I found my Live Wire set up to pocket the ball better and producing decent amount of spin with the same or even less effort than with the 4G. Loopy strokes where a bit more rewarding though and the poly strings would slide and snap back.

-Again, pretty comfortable for someone who suffered from GE and has stayed away from poly for almost a year. I played during the early morning, mid day, and a night match. Granted it is summer and the evenings aren't that cold, I was happy to not have any discomfort when the evening temps came around

-With about 4.5 hours of doubles and 1.5 hours of singles, the string shows a little bit of notching. I think I could get another 10 hours before it breaks or before a pair of scissors finds their way to it.

Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)
-I played with the strings about 12 hours after it was strung. It took about 10-15 minutes before I got comfortable with the poly. I could feel a slight change in the bed as it seemed to settle. Tension seemed to be very consistent for about 5 hours with maybe a tiny bit of tension loss. Strings would slide back easily and only towards the end of my last game did I see the strings stick a bit (if only a little bit). That was during the night game. I will see how they play during the day over the weekend.

Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)
-With the loss of pace on the serves, I did find myself to have nice control over a shot down the T or out wide. Same type of control (but not as much action compared to Live Wire) on my slice and kick serves.

Return of serve was pretty nice and I found myself thinking I had tons of real-estate hitting cross court in doubles because of the control of the string. Should I need to whip it down the alley, I just needed to change my follow through or wrist snap a bit more.

With keeping the eye on the ball through contact, I was confident on the direction of my ground strokes to either the back hand or fore hand of my opponent. Most of the shots I found favorable with this string where semi flat. I would hit through the ball with just a bit of topspin for good measure. I could hit a bit more topspin but I was getting tired having to really explode on the ball through contact towards the end of my singles match.

Compare to the string you use most often

-You really have to earn everything from this string. I think a well conditioned player with a full and fast swing will benefit from this 4G string. Either a semi flat or even a topspin player would enjoy this. It has more control and predictability than my multi set up. With I played with same level of player or lower for me I found myself doing well with the 4G. With higher level and heavy paced balls, I had trouble since my preparation wasn't as fast as it should be. Live Wire XP has more free power and I think helps me when facing stronger and better opponents.

Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?)
-I wouldn't hesitate to use the same tension. The only reason I'd go lower than 48 lbs is to experiment on the low tension train of thought for polys and maybe a bit more spin.

Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
Control and low power of the string (able to swing away)
Low power of the string get's to you when you are tired or not as well seasoned as other players. The set up is not forgiving if the player doesn't have good racquet head speed through contact. I also didn't like how there wasn't as much action or movement of the ball as compared to Live Wire XP or a couple other poly's I've tried before my elbow got hurt.

If it's in the $6-8 range I would consider buying.
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