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Originally Posted by canadad View Post
I wonder if there will be an extended version. I am loving the Ki 5 and curious to try the Ki 5x or the 7g. I had not used Pro Kennex racquets until recently and have fallen in love with the Ki 5. I find it pretty forgiving actually. I have an arm that can't take much, so it is pretty plush. You play with the Ki 5x don't you? I have never actually used an extending length racquet and think it may help my 5'10 self play bigger.
When I bought the Ki 5x, I expected it be like the Ki 5 only longer, afterall, the specs are similar, right? Wrong! The difference in perceived mass is bigger than the specs suggest. I was whipping around the Ki 5 like it was just another light, modern frame like the APDGT. However, when I picked up the Ki 5x, I had to change the swing on my forehand because I could no longer put easy spin on the ball with my wrist. Eventually, I adjusted to it, and all is well now. The extra length helps on serve. It also seems to add stability, or maybe it's just the fact that I tend to hit on the higher part of the hoop and the extra length moves my contact point closer to the sweetspot.

Go ahead and demo it. It's worth a try, but be prepared for the change.
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