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Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
I could have sworn that I read that on the back of the package. This is from the weisscannonusa website. The bolded part is what I remembered being on the package:

COMMENTS: The overall solid performance of this string and added power makes it an excellent choice for today's heavy hitters. This string plays solidly as a full poly set-up and also shines brightly in various hybrid applications. The manufacturer recommends installing 8% less than your regular tension, but this is not always necessary. This string plays terrific once the optimal tension is identified, which may require a stringing or two. If strung too tightly the playability and comfort are not realized and the string can be perceived as an ordinary copoly. Finding the correct tension will unlock the potential and the user will reap the benefits of this solid string.

Maybe they changed the packaging.
All poly manufacturers recommend about a 10% decrease in tension vs. other types of string. Their statement is true for all copolyester strings. Scorpion is, in my experience (which at the risk of hubris is a lot considering WC is my favorite company), the second LEAST tension sensitive poly they make next to Mosquito Bite. Turbotwist, Silverstring, B5E, Matchpower, Scorpion and then MB.
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