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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
If it is a 16 x 19, it isn't a Pro Tour 280/630.

Not much incentive for Head (or TW) to do this from a business perspective. They will just be robbing sales from their other players rackets. But, keep dreaming.

Who knows? Since the 20th anniversary of the frame's introduction will be arriving soon, maybe they will re-paint an existing frame blue and sell it as an anniversary edition. Perhaps, what they should do, is market them as PT57's for consumers and sell them for $500+ a pop. But, again they would just be cannibaliizing sales of the existing players racket line so what do they really gain?

BTW, high modulus Twaron (aramid fiber same a Kevlar) is still readily available. I have plenty of old flexible graphite frames that feel great and have no aramid fiber at all. You guys do understand marketing, right? Kevlar and Twaron are like so 20 years ago marketing-wise. It would have to be AeroBioBLXNanoAirGelSuperDuperTwaron nowadays .
I again disagree with you. A Pro Tour 630 could have a 16x19 string pattern. A guy by the name of Andy uses one to great affect right now. Doing a SMU for TW will not cannibalize anything. There is a anniversary Prestige MP coming out in the fall paint black and silver. Sounds like that is what you want.
HEAD started using Twaron exactly 26 years ago and Kevlar was 30 years ago for racquets with Kneissl.
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