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Full set or hybrid Full set
Tension used for playtest 52 lbs
Regular string set up Gosen Micro OG and Pro Supex Big Ace
Racquet brand and model used for test ProKennex Silver Ace 90
Power of test string The power was about average, nothing too powerful yet not underpowered. I had to take a slightly bigger backswing to compensate.
Feel Feel for me was exceptional, from the baseline or net play, I could really feel all of my shots coming into and out of my string bed. I hit some pretty amazing volleys and half volleys with these strings when I tested them.
Spin About average, was not expecting too much because it was a smooth poly. Ground strokes had to be hit with a little more racquet head speed brushing up.
Comfort Very comfortable, especially at net. No bad vibrations or anything when hitting groundstrokes on the edge.
Durability Pretty good durability, notching came around the second day of play testing, so around 5 hours.
Tension maintenance For me the tension started to drop the first 10 or 20 minutes of playing with the string, it dropped a little bit but was noticeable. After the initial drop off period it stayed pretty solid. After around 15 hours of testing the strings were starting to lose their playability for me, but still playable for a couple more days.
Control Control was definitely there, it was pretty low powered so I was able to aim the ball pretty easily with each groundstroke. Volleys were the main plus for these strings in terms of control. I could hit volleys deep or short angled easily with precision. Serves were pretty good as well, though I did have a little trouble on the slice out wide.
Compare to the string you use most often Power, Spin, and Tension maintenance of the 4g were beaten with my original setup. However if I had hybrid it with some gut or synthetic gut in the crosses it could match up with my original setup.
Tension recommendations I strung it at 52lbs, I would suggest going down a pound or two to add some power, or hybrid it with some gut or synthetic gut.
Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
Likes: Control and Feel were great.
Dislikes: Power was the only real problem, though it was only a little thing that I sort of disliked.

If its in the 10-14 dollar range I would definitely try some more in combinations.
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