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Full set

Strung at m:53 x:50

Usual string: signum pro poly hextreme at same tension

Racquet: yonex rdis 200 mp

String power: lower powered, gave a good ability to really swing away without fear of flyers

Feel: better than most polys, not dead but not crisp just solid. You can feel the ball on the strings and it gives clean feedback.

Spin: OK but not crazy. It was very average for spin both topspin and slices and spin was not the most memorable part of this string.

Comfort: fairly arm friendly not at all harsh. Not a string for people with bad elbows or shoulders but if strung at a reasonable tension shouldn't cause a problem

Durability: I cut it out at 10 hours. Tension held well for the first 4 hours of singles play, but even after loosening up it was still playable. I cut it out due to string movement and it was starting to feel dead at the very end. Overall it didn't break and lasted as long as I would have expected of any poly. Only slight notching was visible when I cut it out

Tension maintenance: good stable tension for 4 hours then a drop but still playable until it died for me at 10 hours

Control: this was where the string shined for me. I felt like like I was able to direct the ball side to side and deep or short at will. As long as I made a good pass on the ball I was rewarded with this strings placement. Serves were especially beneficial for me as I don't hit many flat bombs but move it around the box and this string covered the lines for me. The only adjustment I had to make was the ball came off flatter from the string bed.

Compared to hextreme: 4g is not as spin friendly but felt more precise. Also 4g was less powerful so I had to create more on my own. The biggest thing for me was the feel though, hextreme is ultra crisp and 4g was clean but not crisp. This is why I play hextreme over other strings and the only thing 4g truly fell a bit short on for me.

Tension recommendation: this is a string that I would say needs to be strung in the low 50's or the 40's. Higher tension could cause it to be crazy low powered and it may become harsh

Summary: control was at the forefront with this string and really outshines the other positives for me. There was no major drawback for me, but this string overall just didn't make me say wow. I did miss some spin I've gotten from other strings

Thanks you tennis warehouse

Also I have no Facebook account so I cannot post this on Lux's pagr
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