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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
What would you say is the most effective play against you? So basically, what is your foil?
To take control of points. If you let me dictate play, I'm a pain to play. If you can keep me from being offensive, or, more importantly, you can be aggressive, it makes it difficult for me to win.

The most effective thing to do is go hard crosscourt to my forehand or hard down the line to my forehand. While I can take control of the points with my forehand, it isn't particularly fundamentally sound. It gets a little...I guess floppy is the word. My backhand is solid and I can redirect pace very well as well as attack. I was always such a handsy player that I moved the ball around rather than get good solid stroke on the forehand. It just doesn't hold up well against hard, deep pace.
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