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Originally Posted by SlapShot View Post
While I don't disagree with you, I think that if TW were to be able to bring an order of enough units (which, if they were certain they could sell them all, I'm sure they would try), I would think that Head would look at something, similar to what Wilson did for the PS 6.0 RI earlier this year or last year. I think that if Head were going to do it, TW has enough bargaining power to make it happen.
Maybe, we'll see.

Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
I again disagree with you. A Pro Tour 630 could have a 16x19 string pattern. A guy by the name of Andy uses one to great affect right now. Doing a SMU for TW will not cannibalize anything. There is a anniversary Prestige MP coming out in the fall paint black and silver. Sounds like that is what you want.
HEAD started using Twaron exactly 26 years ago and Kevlar was 30 years ago for racquets with Kneissl.
One of the defining characteristics of the PT280/630 was its control oriented 18x20 pattern. A 16x19 is a different animal. Doesn't mean it would not be an interesting frame though.

Was the Electra the first Twaron racket?
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