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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
It is their flagship string now, so you had better believe it gets reviewed well.
So, you think TW over scores reviews to mislead customers and help certain companies? I mean, they review it, say it's great and psychologically make everybody think it's great (even if it isn't), so can increase sales?

Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post

Here is the very favorable review from TW playtesters. Most love the feel and control of this string. but when it came to power, it was a bit confusing. Jason felt it had plenty of power and felt it was one of more powerful polys he tested. but others felt, it was a bit under powered.
I liked the feel as well, all Luxilon strings have great feel and top quality, control was only good because of lack of power, so i actually think this would be a great string for a Babolat racquet that is stiff and lack of feel, per se aero pro, pure drive type of racquet.

Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Also curious is that in their playtest they praise the tension stability, and yet in our playtest on the forum, that was one of the worst aspects.
Tension stability wasn't good, but wasn't the worse, comparing to the Yonex strings , Tecnifibre Black code it was worse.

Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
you saying, you didn't like it either ? look at the video review and amount of topspin Jason is getting on his shots. It looks like Nadal forehand to me.
Yeah, I think Power player, torres and some others were right, you are fedace, all his posts were just about fooling around with others.
Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
Lot of pros I strung for at cincy were using it:
Nishikori, dimitrov, etc. Also, both of the Williams sisters are using it.

Both of the aforementioned told me they loved the comfort, spin and control. I was able to get a few sets, so look forward to testing it out.
Yes, they like the spin and control because they used full gut, any poly will be better for spin than gut, the poly/gut is supposed to be very good for spin and control, so looks like 4G and gut would be optimal for it, the comfort of 4G is absolutely there.
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