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Default 2012 Luxilon PlayTest "4G" - SteveI

I have been testing two frames with a hybrid of this string (mains) and Head PPS 16 (crosses) in match play, drilling and practice sessions. I also used these frames to feedballs to students. The total playtest window was 2 weeks for both frames. I alternated frames to get appox. 30 hours of total test time.

Your regular string set up: Tourna Big Hitter Silver 17g and Head PPS 16G.

Prototype Tested: 4G Gold String

Hybrid: with with Head PPS 16G in crosses

Tension: Test String 4G (50) / Head PPS 16G (4

Racquet Used in Playtest: Dunlop 400G modified (11.6 / 8 points HL)

The frame strung up with very little problem. String was very stiff while stringing. With my drop weight stringer, I needed almost no adjustment to obtain the proper setting. The string settled nicely. No extra stringing time over my normal setup. The string stretched very little.

During the 2 or 3 hours or so the string played very stiff with little feel and power then broke-in somewhat. Power level was low to medium in my testing cycle. Not easy at all to create power and pace. I was swinging hard, fast and landing shots with great control. The problem was all my shots were coming back. I was getting pushed all over the place and not really causing any problems for the players on the other side of the net. I seemed to be crushing balls and the stringbed had it a great pop sound coming from the sweetspot on serves, but again I was under attack off both serves. I felt like a 98 pound weakling when using this string. Even droping the tension based on others experince did not help. Spin generation was below average and my kick serves and top spin ground strokes looked like battling practice.

I really did not enjoyed the feel of this string. I could not employ touch when needed. Comfort was average, but never have arm issues so I really can't comment on how players with arm issues might respond to this string. No arm issues to be reported. Even off center hits did not cause any issues. When the string not not play stiff, I would say more on the crisp side...I hated the lack of feel and power and had no connection to the stringbed.

While this is not my most complete string report and review, I feel I spent more than enough time to really understand the attributes of this string. Very low power, low spin production and lack of feel. Since my game is very much all court in nature this string was a loser for me. The control was wonderful as was tension holding. String almost never moved even in a hybrid set-up. If someone was to string this in a full bed at high tension in a low powered frame I am sure they would have to swing for fences just to get the ball past the service line on ground strokes.

Overall, I did not love this string for all the reason stated above. I think they have a winner here in the baseline basher market. Based on the prices of other highend Luxilon strings, I know I would not play or stock this string or really push it on anyone other than a certain type of player with hard, fast and long swings.

Happy hitting TW and Luxilon.... (Thanks for the great Tee... )

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